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22.04.2003 - Pasi
Another update...
Now the page should center properly even on Mozilla. (I'm still pretty sure Mozilla doesn't interpret CSS1 properly. :P) Glad it's fixed now, though.

And still working on Tuna... Also, I've got a bit of a suprise for those who have seen screenshots of earlier development versions of Tuna. :)

15.04.2003 - Pasi
It's been a while...
Just wanted to say that I'm working on Tuna again. :P

Also, I think I should redesign the site at some point...

28.11.2002 - Pasi
This page does not seem to be rendered correctly on all user agents. At least on Mozilla the page is not centered, trying to figure out why.

Feedback would be appreciated.

27.11.2002 - Pasi
First version of the site online.
Just testing a bit. This probably is completely different from the final design.

And really should be... this basically is a direct copy of *********. :P